On March 3, 1956 Sudargono was born. He was the youngest child of Indonesia’s Master of Realism Sudarso. Gono has for painting brothers and three sisters. They all grew up together in Yogya where they lived due to Sudarso’s working with the famous “Pelukis Rakyat” and ASRI Yogya’s art academy.

Gono was educated by his father and a virtual list of who’s who in Indonesian culture, in all aspects of traditional painting. His life exposure was broad themed as well. Gono was surrounded by poor painters and the effects of extreme poverty while at the same time having access to the wealthy collectors of his father including President Soekarno himself.

As Gono grew up he was witness to much revolution against the military dictatorship that took control from the Dutch, and this fed his creativity with social political overtones. Many of his titles and compositions cry out against unjust and corruption.

Gono continues to paint as boldly as possible to this day in Yogya where he lives with his wife Tuti and children Gabi and Gintani.