Newest Creations

  Gono has begun experimenting with his most extreme form of pure expressionism recently. He boldly mixes thick globs of paint working the colors brilliantly together. It is amazing that he can keep the colors so clean while painting so uninhibited and powerful yet fully controlled.

Extreme close ups



  The concept for micro-pointillism was concieved by Gono as he contemplated pointilism under a microscope. Just imagine a great Seurat such as ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ magnified 500 times. Some of the work is very ambigious while others are slightly more suggestive. One painting ‘Patruk’ was painted in a flat version of this style on Gono’s birthday 3-3-3 but the style was not fully explored until he thickened the textures and turned the idea into a series during 2006-07.

90′s Early 00′s

   During the 90′s Sudargono’s style developed into a very political abstract with most of the pieces having titles and concepts that related to politics, problems of coruption and most certinly, a connection with the common people of Indonesia. During this period he also painted whimsical fun pieces like this one.
Famous Cive Door



    Sudargono is the youngest son of painter Sudarso. Having already established himself as one of Indonesia’s fathers of abstract painting and painters, Gono continues to redefined himself! But, it is his unprecedented use of textures and bold usage of color that sets him apart from all other painters in not only Indonesia but everywhere.
Gono’s Bio